Flexible Heaters

Fibre Glass Heating Pads

ISOTHERM Fibre Glass Heating Pads is revolution in Plastic Industry, by an excellent power saver, and a perfect alternative to BAND & CERAMIC HEATERS which are in use with huge heat losses in all kinds of Plastic Processing Industries. Technical & Other Details : 1.Its unique design cuts down the Electric bill and also reduces the Connected load ( K.W. / H.P ) on Heaters by 30% creating an opportunity to add further machinery within the available electrical power. Ensures a better output of processing material. 2.Much longer life in comparision to other type of heaters. Improves production output, quality, etc. and several other features. 3.Designed to requirement to heat any type of plastic extruders with different temperature ranges upto 300 C. Very flexible in nature to wrap and fix on any kind of surface, barrel and dies which is not possible with any other type of heater. 4.Required Watts of heater will be obtained by CAD.

Ceramic Heating Pads

Our flexible ceramic pad heaters, or FCP's, are manufactured using high-grade nickel chrome (NiCr) 80/20 19 strand wire and insulated using ceramic yarn, giving flexibility and increased high heat transfer capability.The choice of either camlock or Dinse type connector is used to terminate each tail. Designed for high-temperature applications up to 800 Deg C,our range of ceramic pad heaters will function efficiently whether they are used as a curved or flat application,and are available in an extensive list of sizes with voltages ranging from 30 volts to 255 volts. Most standard sizes are available to order, however, non-standard sizes can be manufactured to your requirements quickly, and, should you require any special heating configuration, voltage or power rating, we can provide you with a heating element custom built to meet your exact needs.

Silicone Rubber Heating Pads

Isotherm Silicone Rubber Heating Pads have an exceptional durability and are moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant. Grounded heating element meets NEC 427.23. Optional high-limit thermostat to protect heater and contents being heated. Exposure temperature range: -60°F to 450°F. Available in 120 or 240 Volts single phase and other voltages can be designed as per customer needs.

Polymide Heaters

Isotherm Polyimide heaters are ultra-thin, ultra-flexible, semitransparent, lightweight heaters.The polyimide film is utilized to encapsulate the heating circuit of these heaters. Polyimide heaters can operate at temperatures as low as -320°F and as high as 400°F and have superior dielectric properties. Polyimide heaters exhibit excellent tensile strength, durability, and dimensional stability. These heaters produce uniform heat with rapid heat-up and cool-down characteristics. Polyimide heaters can endure radiation, resist many chemicals, and because they are very low in outgassing, they are ideal for vacuum applications. The heating elements of Polyimide heaters are produced by chemically etching a resistive circuit in nickel alloy foils. This circuit is encapsulated between two layers of Polyimide films utilizing either an FEP adhesive or acrylic adhesive. These two adhesives define the thermal characteristics and the cost of polyimide heaters produced.

Floor Heating Mats

Isotherm Underfloor Heating Mats systems utilize our insulated, twisted dual core heating element, protected by an armor braid and our advanced tough heat-resistant fluoropolymer outer jacket. All ISOTHERM cables have a high IP rating of 67 which is suitable for use in wet areas and in conjunction with wet room systems. The heating element is attached to a fiberglass mesh for rapid and superior installation without any need for priming on a clean dust free floor, ensuring zero lift in self-leveling compounds and peace of mind, no messing around with the peeling of double-sided tapes. ISOTHERM heating mats come with only one power lead wire making it easy to install without raising the floor level. Technical Specifications Operating voltage: 220-240V; 50Hz/Other voltages can be designed as per customer requirements. Mat width: 500mm (0.5 metre) Mat thickness: 3mm Inner insulation: PTFE Outer insulation: Advanced fluoropolymer Earth Protection: Armour braid IP Rating: 67 Output rating: 100W/sqm, 160 W/sqm and 200W/sqm Cold tail length: (connection lead) 3m